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SM Level 3&4 Education & Training

'Needing teaching qualifications, I was lucky enough to find Halcyon Training Foundation, who could deliver the Level 3 & 4 Education and Training Award(QCF). I had been out of education for some time, however I enjoyed both courses. I quickly applied the new skills I had learned from the courses into my current job. 

The quality of the training was excellent and the venue very well situated. I was thrilled to receive my level 3 and 4 certificates. The courses did challenge me, but it was very enjoyable. Thank you Halcyon for giving me new skills that have enhanced my job and made me a better teacher & trainer.'


Parent Support Programme
“Our ...., had always found school difficult. Integrating with friends, and conforming to school routine was a challenge. We had suspected for many years that .....was autistic, but this was not formally diagnosed until 5 years of investigation. There had always been challenging behaviour at home, but by this time, his difficulties at school had increased, ... was becoming increasingly frustrated and violent in the school environment as well. Unfortunately, the school were not well-trained to deal with his challenges, resulting in exclusions and other actions which only exacerbated the situation. We looked to the local authority for help but were frequently told that everything that could be done was being done. It was at this time we discovered Halcyon. Paul and Jon began by reassuring us that our case was not isolated (though parents often feel this way). During the last 12 months, they educated us on the kinds of resources that are available and instructed us on how to get access to those resources. It was through their training that we learned new strategies to deal with challenging behaviour at home, and also secured the support from the local authority that our......needed. 12 months on, our....is ready for his transition to high school and we are so grateful to say that we have some hope for the future.”


’Halcyon have provided regular sessions of training, teaching us useful skills to manage challenging behaviour in the home. […] can occasionally be aggressive and destructive at home, and this not only upsetting to witness but we as parents and our other children are risk of injury due to these behaviours. Halcyon have encouraged the use of several strategies to help. This has included the drawing up of a behaviour action plan, which has improved our consistency as parents when choosing the strategies for dealing with the various challenging behaviours that we see'. 2018


'I requested referral to Halcyon for some training on keeping our family safe during episodes of […] challenging behaviour. […] did so following my request. From the moment we walked through the door we were made to feel totally at ease. We were at this point desperate for some help and advice on how to move forward. They listened without judgment to all the issues we raised and despite the complex nature of […] was able to help us prioritise and address each individual issue with a realistic and mutually agreed plan’. 2018



'a great course with the right content and level for my role and service '  SO 
– Social Services Manager

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